Discover the solution for Sensitive skin. A good majority of men and women consider their skin to be sensitive to some degree. Skin sensitivity can be a result in occasional tingling, tightening or itching while serious skin sensitivity may be characterized as redness, scaling and burning. People who experience sensitive skin may be born with it or it may be caused by environmental aggressors such as water, sun, wind or too harsh of a skin care product.

Avène has over 260 years of expertise in management of sensitive skin. Rooted in dermatology and hydrotherapy since 1743, Avène is an expert in treating the most sensitive conditions, including psoriasis, eczema and atopic dermatitis. The foundation of Avène is its Thermal Spring Water, which over 300 rigorous studies have confirmed boasts healing and soothing benefits. But sensitive skin isn’t the only type to benefit from Avène’s effective, gentle formulas: Avène offers efficacious solutions for every skin type, including dry, oily and aging complexions. So if it’s gentle enough for sensitive skin, it’s gentle enough for every skin.