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Can EMSCULPT Build Muscle Without A Gym Membership?

Do you spend countless hours in the gym each week and watch what you eat, yet still struggle to achieve the muscle tone and definition you want? This can certainly be frustrating, but you are not alone. Thousands of men and women across the country experience difficulty building muscle and sculpting their ideal physique, regardless of how much they exercise and diet. This may be due to genetics, aging, an underlying condition, or other factors. Fortunately, the cutting-edge advances in medicine and technology now offer patients the opportunity to build and tone muscle, burn fat, and reach their ultimate aesthetic goals more effectively and efficiently than traditional methods.

The knowledgeable team of experts at JEM Medspa is proud to offer EMSCULPT® as a completely nonsurgical and noninvasive body contouring treatment for Chicago, IL area patients looking for an innovative, effective, and long-lasting solution to shred stubborn fat and increase muscle mass. Read on to find out more about your options for medsculpt treatments in Orland Park and Elmhurst, IL.


EMSCULPT is a noninvasive cosmetic treatment designed to build muscle mass, enhance muscle definition, and burn fat more efficiently than diet and exercise alone. Using high intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEM), EMSCULPT is able to give patients the equivalent of nearly 25,000 sit-ups or crunches in a single 30-minute session! With the efficiency of EMSCULPT treatments, men and women who are frustrated by their lack of results in the gym can finally achieve the toned, firm, gorgeous figure they’ve been working toward.

Where can EMSCULPT be used?

One of the most exciting aspects of EMSCULPT body contouring is that it can be used to enhance a variety of areas. Some of the most common treatment areas for EMSCULPT include:

  • Abdomen (abs)
  • Buttocks
  • Legs
  • Arms

How does EMSCULPT work?

EMSCULPT utilizes breakthrough HIFEM technology to target and contract certain muscles in a more intense and efficient way than traditional exercises can. During an EMSCULPT session at JEM Medspa in Elmhurst or Orland Park, IL, which usually takes about 30 minutes, patients are able to lie comfortably in one of the private treatment rooms. Because the treatment is completely noninvasive and nonsurgical, no anesthetic or numbing agent is required. Your knowledgeable and experienced provider will place the EMSCULPT paddle on the targeted area and begin the treatment. The machine can be calibrated to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure, though a higher intensity setting typically allows for the most dramatic results.

Does EMSCULPT hurt?

Most patients describe an EMSCULPT treatment as feeling like a particularly strenuous workout, and it is normal to experience muscle soreness or fatigue after an EMSCULPT session. These symptoms are usually mild and resolve quickly, though it is recommended that patients refrain from exercising the treated muscles for 1 –2 days after EMSCULPT.

When will I see EMSCULPT results?

In many cases, patients begin to notice subtle changes in their body after just a few days, though the peak of EMSCULPT results typically appear about 4 – 6 weeks after the final session.

How many EMSCULPT sessions do I need?

As with many cosmetic procedures, the number of EMSCULPT treatments required can vary from patient to patient, depending on the severity of their concerns, their goals, the intensity of each session, the area being treated, and other factors. On average, most patients need 4 – 5 sessions spaced about 2 – 3 days apart to achieve their desired outcome. During your initial consultation at JEM Medspa, one of our experienced team members can help recommend a treatment schedule that will best meet your needs. It is also important for patients to have realistic expectations about EMSCULPT treatment and understand that to maintain their results over a long period of time, consistent exercise and healthy eating are essential.

Does EMSCULPT burn fat?

Primarily, EMSCULPT is designed to build and tone muscle through intense HIFEM-induced contractions. However, the energy used during this process can also contribute to the burning of calories and fat, making the procedure doubly beneficial for patients looking to shred and trim their figure. If reducing fat is your main concern, though, there may be an alternative or additional procedure that can more closely meet your needs. Don’t hesitate to discuss your specific concerns and goals during your initial consultation at JEM Medspa so that your provider can custom-tailor a treatment plan to help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted.

Am I a good candidate for EMSCULPT in Chicago, IL?

Most men and women who are in good health, are within 10 – 15 pounds of their ideal weight, and are struggling with achieving their physical goals despite consistent diet and exercise can be considered for EMSCULPT. However, with the wide array of nonsurgical sculpting and fat reduction treatments available, it is important to be evaluated by a qualified, certified, and knowledgeable provider in order to determine which procedure may be most appropriate for you.

Say goodbye to the frustration of exercising without results, and call JEM Medspa in Elmhurst or Orland Park, IL to schedule your one-on-one consultation and see if EMSCULPT is right for you. Or, take advantage of a convenient online consultation from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Don’t wait any longer to finally look – and feel – better than ever before!

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