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The JEM Difference


JEM Team


Look radiant and natural with our full-service and innovative spa and aesethetic solutions from JEM Medspa. Our expert team focuses on providing advanced, minimally invasive treatments that rejuvenate and enhance the skin and contour and lift the body. We are committed to delivering safe and effective client care that adheres to the nation's best practices. As with all the treatments we perfrom, we assure reliable and exceptional outcomes.


Our managing partners, Jeanine & Melissa, are regarded as national leaders in cosmetic injectables achieving the Top 1% in the nation with Allergan consistently throughout the years. They continually seek out ongoing educational opportunities and also train other providers on cosmetic injectable best practices with leading companies such as Allergan, Galderma, and the Cellular Medicine Association. Our medical director is involved in the care of each patient, and all of the technology and equipment utilized incorporate the safest options available on the market today. It may seem like these statements about how we care for our patients represent how all medical spas operate, but unfortunately, many medical spas seek to cut costs and may not comply with the guidelines and laws that are established by the state to protect you. JEM Medspa Indiana takes great pride to ensure we are in full compliance for the safety of our clients.


Multiple Treatment Options


When you arrive for your appointment at JEM Medspa, we look at you with a fresh perspective, assessing your current needs and customizing a treatment plan that focuses on your aesthetic goals and budget. We understand and appreciate that each client is unique in their needs and goals. It is our pleasure to offer a variety of treatment options for your face, skin, and body. With realistic expectations, we recognize that your goals may not always be able to be achieved with the nonsurgical treatments offered at JEM Medspa Indiana. We always share with you our knowledge of what our treatments can deliver and what they cannot so you can make an informed decision on which treatment is best for you. If your needs go beyond a noninvasive procedure and may require surgery, we are happy to refer you to our medical director Dr. David Dreyfuss, a well-respected, board-certified plastic surgeon, for an evaluation.



An Expert Aesthetic Team


At JEM Medspa, our aesthetic experts are amongst highly trained and well-respected treatment providers. Recognized as a Center of Excellence, our practice delivers safe, reliable, and outcomes-oriented nonsurgical spa and advanced treatments. Regarded as national leaders in cosmetic injectables achieving the Top 1% in the nation with Allergan their first year, our managing partners, Jeanine and Melissa, consistently seek out continuing educational opportunities and also train other providers on cosmetic injectable best practices when utilizing leading brands such as Allergan, Galderma, the Cellular Medicine Association and Plasma Concepts USA. We also have developed our own training center, JEM Education, in which we have have taught and mentored many new cosmetic injectors. Our nurse practitioner team of cosmetic injectors and our aestheticians have incomparable expertise and experience and also pride themselves on their commitment to deliver safe, methodical, effective care with each visit. We will assist you with selecting treatment options and advise you on daily routines that will help you look and feel more confident in your own skin. With our commitment to your aesthetic needs and goals combined with our friendly and helpful client coordinator team, we have developed one of the most knowledgeable, highly trained, passionate, and compassionate aesthetic teams in our area. Our diligence to technique and service and our exceptional outcomes are unparalleled. We look forward to serving you and helping you to achieve your aesthetic goals.