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BOTOX® in Orland Park & Elmhurst, IL

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What is BOTOX?

At JEM Medspa in Elmhurst and Orland Park, IL, you can diminish the first signs of aging in the upper face with quick and effective BOTOX injectable treatments. BOTOX can also help younger adults delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our skilled team is pleased to provide BOTOX injectable treatments to our patients. We also perform lip flips with BOTOX that add temporary volume to hte lips and help to disguise the appearance of fine lip lines.

Made from a purified strain of botulinum toxin, BOTOX injections temporarily "freeze" the movements of your facial muscles, particularly expressions in the upper brow region. The creases that develop from these repetitive muscle movements are called "dynamic." Eventually, the dynamic wrinkles start to remain, even when your face is fully relaxed. BOTOX injectable treatments can dramatically decrease the appearance of these lines by reducing muscle movements and giving the tissue on top a chance to rejuvenate itself.

What are the benefits of BOTOX?

BOTOX, a widely acclaimed and trusted cosmetic procedure, offers a multitude of exceptional advantages to our esteemed patients here in Orland Park, IL. These advantages encompass a comprehensive array of benefits, providing individuals with remarkable transformations and enhanced well-being. Some of the key advantages of BOTOX treatment are as follows:

  • The reduction prevention of wrinkles and fine lines on the forehead and around the eyes
  • Zero downtime after treatment
  • Outcomes that last 3 – 6 months
  • Personalized treatments for effective results
  • For some patients, sweat reduction and treatment of migraines
  • Amplifying or plumping your lips

Who is a Candidate for BOTOX?

BOTOX is a great treatment option for patients who want to diminish and soften the look of wrinkles, lines, and moderate folds on their upper face, as well as receive nonsurgical lip augmentations. Also, BOTOX works well for patients who do not want to undergo surgery. Even if you do not have signs of aging, BOTOX is often used as a preventive, anti-aging treatment. Keep in mind how often you make facial expressions! This great nonsurgical treatment helps reduce obvious forehead wrinkles or frown lines between the brows. We can also use it to treat Crow's feet around the eyes. If you experience deeper lines, we may use a dermal filler instead. For older patients with sagging skin and widespread wrinkles, a facelift may better help you attain your cosmetic goals. This procedure provides more dramatic and long-term results. If a facelift is your best treatment option, we will refer you to our recommended plastic surgeon, Dr. David Dreyfuss.

How does BOTOX work?

At JEM Medspa, we complete BOTOX treatments in one of our private treatment rooms. After your consultation, we can usually perform the treatment on the same day. Before we place the injections, we will ask you to make different expressions using the upper face, such as squinting and frowning. This will allow us to properly mark the injection sites. Generally, BOTOX is placed in between the brows, on Crow's feet, and throughout the forehead.

Once we have marked the injection sites, we will clean your face and administer BOTOX with a fine needle. To lessen discomfort, swelling, and bruising, a cold compress is applied right after your injections. If needed, patients can request a numbing cream that makes the procedure more comfortable. However, the numbing cream is usually not necessary. BOTOX injections take about 10 – 15 minutes to complete, and you can resume your day with no required recovery.

What can I Expect after botox?

Right after your appointment, you can return to your regular activities, but you should avoid strenuous exercise for at least a day. Following your treatment, we suggest sleeping upright and to avoid touching your face, which may accidentally spread BOTOX to other areas. For the next few days, the treated sections of the face may look slightly bruised, swollen, or red. These symptoms should subside in the next few days, and you should not develop any serious side effects. If you do, please call our office as soon as possible. Typically, it takes around 5 – 7 days before you can see the final effects of BOTOX, and they should last about 3 – 4 months. To maintain your results, please speak to your injector about when to schedule follow-up appointments at JEM Medspa.


How many BOTOX treatments will I need?
The number of BOTOX treatments needed will vary based on individual goals, and the severity and depth of your lines and wrinkles. Our team at JEM Medspa will recommend the correct quantity of BOTOX units based on your cosmetic outcomes and whether you want to treat the forehead, brow area, or Crow's feet. To prolong your cosmetic outcomes, our experts might suggest having BOTOX procedures every 3 – 4 months.

Can I have BOTOX with additional nonsurgical treatments?
BOTOX procedures generally pair well with other cosmetic options at JEM Medspa for men and women who prefer to address aging concerns. If you experience more extensive and pronounced creases and wrinkles, our practitioners might talk with you about administering a dermal filler for maximum results. To further maximize your younger-looking radiant appearance, our team could provide additional complementary treatments, like microneedling or facials.

What's the variation among fillers and wrinkle reducers?
Though wrinkle relaxers, such as BOTOX, are utilized to smooth fine creases by temporarily blocking your muscle movements, fillers are a separate category of cosmetic options that improve volume in the face. Dermal fillers are designed to volumize gaunt-looking areas and fill in static wrinkles. Our team can ascertain whether you could be a good candidate for a filler to further enhance your BOTOX outcomes.

Will I look fake with BOTOX injections?

When performed by a qualified and experienced cosmetic injector, the results of BOTOX can appear subtle and natural. Our skilled team of aesthetic specialists uses strategic placement and other techniques to help ensure you achieve your desired outcome with BOTOX wrinkle relaxers.

Should I get BOTOX or Dysport?

Dysport is another popular injectable wrinkle relaxer that can help to smooth away pesky expression lines and wrinkles. While similar to BOTOX, there are some distinct differences between BOTOX vs. Dysport that may make one or the other a more suitable option for you. Prior to treatment, our team will work closely with you to determine which injectable wrinkle relaxer may be the most approrpiate option for your specific needs and goals.

How can I make my BOTOX last longer?

While there is no true way to prolong the effects of BOTOX, you can help to keep your face looking as fresh as possible between injections by adhering to a healthy diet and lifestyle, not smoking, avoiding sun exposure, and practicing proper skincare overall.

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With BOTOX injections, you can smile, laugh, frown, and make any face you want without getting wrinkles or lines. To smooth and prevent lines on the face, we invite you to schedule a consultation with one of our expert team members in Elmhurst and Orland Park, IL. Please call our office to learn more about this popular injectable, which can reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate the face.

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