Will My Lips Look Natural After A BOTOX® Lip Flip?

JEM MedSpa Orland Park Team | 09/25/2021

BOTOX lip flips are a quick and easy way to achieve natural-looking, fuller lips. Learn about the benefits of a lip flip today.


How To Take Care Of Your Skin After PDO Thread Lift

JEM MedSpa Orland Park Team | 08/19/2021

Extend the life of your PDO thread lift for as long as possible by knowing what to do – and what not to do – after your treatment.


Dispelling the Myths of a Vampire Facial®

JEM MedSpa Orland Park Team | 07/21/2021

A Vampire Facial is one of the most popular skin rejuvenating treatments available. Learn about the myths involved with this procedure.


The Dos and Don'ts of Microneedling

JEM MedSpa Orland Park Team | 06/16/2021

Discover how collagen induction therapy can give your skin a new look and helpful tips on what to do before and after microneedling sessions.


Four Reasons CoolSculpting® May Be Right For You

JEM MedSpa Orland Park Team | 05/13/2021

There are four reasons to consider CoolSculpting and why this noninvasive body contouring treatment could be the solution you need to look more fit.


How Does A Vampire Facial® Differ From A Vampire Facelift®?

JEM MedSpa Orland Park Team | 04/28/2021

Don’t let the names scare you! The Vampire Facial and Facelift can help restore the youthful, glowing complexion you want. Compare both options here.


Can I Get Wrinkle-Free Skin With Microneedling?

JEM MedSpa Orland Park Team | 04/21/2021

Are your favorite skin care products no longer giving you the results you want? Discover the benefits of microneedling for firmer, smoother skin.


Five Stubborn Areas Of Fat To Treat With CoolSculpting®

JEM MedSpa Orland Park Team | 04/14/2021

Don’t let stubborn fat hold you back from getting the slim, sexy look you’ve been dreaming of! Discover how – and where – CoolSculpting can help!


I am in my 20s. Is it Too Early For BOTOX® Treatment?

JEM MedSpa Orland Park Team | 04/10/2021

Preventative BOTOX can take care of fine lines and wrinkles in the upper part of the face. Learn about starting BOTOX early with a skin consultation.


How Does EMTONE® Compare to Other Cellulite Treatments?

JEM MedSpa Orland Park Team | 03/30/2021

EMSCULPT can smooth out cellulite on your belly, legs, and bottom. Learn the benefits of cellulite removal and how it compares to drugstore products.


When Will Muscles Feel Stronger After EMSCULPT® Treatment?

JEM MedSpa Orland Park Team | 03/23/2021

Are you ready for a more sculpted appearance? EMSCULPT in Chicago creates exceptional results by burning fat and building muscle at the same time.


Will My PDO Thread Lift Last Over A Year?

JEM MedSpa Orland Park Team | 03/13/2021

Does PDO thread lifting really give you smoother, tighter, more youthful-looking skin? Learn what results you can expect and how long they may last.


Does BOTOX® Change the Shape of Your Face?

JEM MedSpa Orland Park Team | 03/03/2021

Is it possible to achieve facial reshaping with BOTOX? The answer is yes! Discover the many benefits of BOTOX injections at our advanced facility.


Will EMTONE® Tighten Loose Skin on Thighs?

JEM MedSpa Orland Park Team | 02/27/2021

Discover how EMTONE can tighten your thighs and reduce the appearance of unsightly cellulite at JEM Medpa in Orland Park, IL.


6 Benefits of EMSCULPT® for Men

JEM MedSpa Orland Park Team | 02/18/2021

EMSCULPT for men is perfect for toning muscles in different parts of the body. See how this method of nonsurgical body contouring can benefit you.


How Can Men and Women Benefit From KYBELLA® Injections?

JEM MedSpa Orland Park Team | 02/11/2021

Want a more defined jawline? Reduce the appearance of a double chin without surgery. Enjoy a slimmer jawline thanks to the revolutionary KYBELLA.


Is EMTONE® Safe For All Skin Tones?

JEM MedSpa Orland Park Team | 01/27/2021

EMTONE can give your skin a smoother and younger appearance. Best of all, this cellulite reduction treatment works great for all skin types and tones.


I Have Active Acne. Can I Still Get A Vampire Facial®?

JEM MedSpa Orland Park Team | 01/20/2021

While the Vampire Facial is not suggested for active acne, it can treat unwanted acne scars. Learn about this method of facial rejuvenation today.


Can EMSCULPT® Give You A Slimmer Waist?

JEM MedSpa Orland Park Team | 01/16/2021

The future of nonsurgical body contouring has arrived, and EMSCULPT helps women and men achieve a slimmer, more fit-looking abdominal area.


Tired of Sunken Cheeks? Give Them A Lift With Sculptra

JEM MedSpa Orland Park Team | 01/06/2021

Do you have hollow cheeks? Learn how you can restore volume in your cheeks with Sculptra dermal filler.


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