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What Happens If You Gain Weight After EMSCULPT?

Gone are the days when the only solutions for sculpting your body were invasive liposuction and tummy tuck procedures. Armed with their expertise in noninvasive body contouring solutions, the team at JEM Medspa provides clinically proven EMSCULPT® treatments to help resolve stubborn bulges and fatty pockets.

But even if you follow the most regimented diet and exercise plans, you can still gain weight after EMSCULPT. Learn more about what you may experience if you gain weight after nonsurgical body contouring by reading below. If you’d like to find out more information about how EMSCULPT can enhance your features, book a consultation at the Orland Park or Elmhurst, IL, clinic today. Schedule online or by phone.


As a top-requested FDA-cleared body sculpting platform, EMSCULPT has helped countless men and women achieve the body of their dreams. No incisions, no surgery, and no downtime needed. EMSCULPT is designed to be used as a finishing service: it’s a treatment you’d go through when you’re relatively close to your goal weight and already follow a balanced diet and exercise regimen.

How does EMSCULPT work? The science is based on building muscle mass by sending out high-intensity electromagnetic energy. EMSCULPT results in up to 20,000 muscle contractions in roughly half an hour. This effect forces new muscle fibers to form, while simultaneously sending out chemicals involved in the breakdown of fat.

The end result? Lasting fat loss and an increase in muscle mass. But you need to know that you can still gain weight after your EMSCULPT treatment is complete if you’re not careful.

What happens if you gain weight after EMSCULPT?

Bulges return

Due to poor diet, periods of stress, pregnancy, and even hormonal fluctuations, among other reasons, you can gain weight after EMSCULPT. When this occurs, you may start noticing that those unsightly bulges you once had — like the dreaded muffin top — start to return.

Putting on even a few extra pounds after EMSCULPT can cause fatty pockets to develop in new areas. You can find that your perfectly balanced physique now seems disproportionate. It’s even possible for you to notice new lumps or cellulite.

Clothes fit tighter

EMSCULPT body contouring treatments from JEM Medspa are well-known for helping you slip back into those smaller jeans you haven’t worn in years. You can lose inches and find that your once snug-fitting clothes, now feel loose and baggy.

However, if you gain weight after EMSCULPT, you may notice that your clothes feel tighter. This effect may be the first sign of weight gain if you don’t weigh yourself regularly.

Stretch marks form

If you gain weight quickly after EMSCULPT or gain a lot of weight, you could see new stretch marks. It’s also possible for the stretch marks that became less noticeable after EMSCULPT now appear to be much more prominent. Stretch marks develop as your skin has to expand quickly, which is common when you gain weight.

What do I do if I gain weight after EMSCULPT?

Gaining weight after EMSCULPT doesn’t have to be the end to the body of your dreams. Fortunately, the team at JEM Medspa’s Orland Park and Elmhurst, IL, locations can help. Your body sculpting specialist can design an EMSCULPT package that targets some of the new problem areas that have formed. They can help you stay motivated to keep up with your diet and exercise plan, too.

The practice even offers other noninvasive body treatments, including cellulite reduction with EMTONE®. With a team of medical and aesthetic professionals available to you at each location, you can feel confident that you have the support you need to maintain your body goals.

Click here to book your EMSCULPT consultation at JEM Medspa today. You can also call the office nearest you in Orland Park or Elmhurst, IL, directly.

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