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Emtone | JEM Medspa

JEM Medspa offers Emtone to help you rejuvenate your skin and reach your aesthetic goals.


I'm Samantha. I am a medical aesthetician, a laser technician, and a body sculpting specialist at JEM Medspa. Emtone is a combination of pressured targeted energy, radio frequency, and heat. The radio frequency builds goes underneath the skin, and then heat helps break down the cellulite fibroids, tightening the skin and kind of smoothing out that any any body area. We can treat the front of the thighs. We can treat the back of the thighs. We can treat the butt. We can treat the stomach. We can treat the arms, lots of areas.

There are other cellulite treatments, but this one is non-invasive, and it's just going to use that heat and pressure and that radio frequency, so it's not painful at all. It does get a little bit warm, but we keep you really comfortable. It's going to be six treatments over the span of three weeks. After those six treatments, we have you come back in two months and we take your after pictures and you'll be able to see your results. There's going to be obvious tightening. There's going to be obviously loosening of those cellulite bands, giving us smoother, tighter surface. I just think Emtone is a really great non-invasive way to slim down the legs and make them look soft and smooth without having to go under the knife.