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Meet Jeanine | JEM Medspa

JEM Medspa offers medspa services to help you rejuvenate your skin and reach your aesthetic goals.


Jeanine Graham:
My name is Jeanine Graham. I am one of the managing partners of JEM Med Spa, and I am also one of the aesthetic injectors. I think that training and experience are really what are important. People always ask how do you become an injector or how do you get trained, and really a lot of it is experience, but you need to have a certain eye when you're looking at somebody's space. Nobody's symmetrical, there's a lot of things to take into account when you're looking at somebody's face, and you have to have an artistic ability to see what you need to do where to make that person see what they want to see.

Jeanine Graham:
I always tell them, it's really not about vanity, and I've learned that myself. I've taken care of myself over the years or done things for myself that I might not ever think that I was going to do, but by doing them, I've realized how much it's changed my life and impacted my life. It seems silly to people, oh, doing some Botox is going to change my life, but when you're happy, it spreads to every aspect of your life. If doing 30 units of Botox makes you happy, it actually can change your life, yes. I completely 100% believe that.